Support / Parent guide

Dear parent

We are pleased that you want to create an account for your child at BriXtar: a social community for all of us who love LEGO®. Our idea is to connect the digital screens with physical building. We hope you will get an amazing time, together with your young ones, through playing and building together with LEGO®. Think of BriXtar as an inspirational source that unites people who share the passion for colourful plastic pieces. What we have in common is that we want to put some colours to the world!

LEGO® in a new way

We, the founders of BriXtar, are dedicated parents. Ever since we were small kids we have loved to create with LEGO® and we want our children to appreciate it as much we did as kids and still do. Why? Because it is good for children to create and build with bricks. It helps children to solve problems, think creatively and logically. As all parents, we see the daily challenge in finding a way for our kids to use digital platforms in a balanced way. Instead of banning, our solution is to focus on the positive aspects of using digital platforms. Due to this reason we have connected the screen with the physical building. At BriXtar, your child can be inspired by other builders and be stimulated in their creative development.

Focus on safety

Your child’s safety is of the greatest importance to us. We want you to feel secure and safe when your child is using BriXtar. For this reason we have created a Child account. This account is connected to a head account that you as a parent are in charge of. As long as your child is under 13 years of age, it is you who decides how your child is using BriXtar. You can decide what functionalities your kid is ready for, for example if the child’s profile and posts should be public or not; and if you via the head account – or the child – should get a notice when there is a request from a new follower. In this way you have full control of your child’s activities on BriXtar. We have also decided to remove some functionalities that we don’t consider suitable for children. Your child will not be able to send or receive private messages from others. Children are also not allowed to participate in challenges with voting systems. We feel that it is not ethically correct that a young kid’s creativeness should be graded. Your child chooses a username but has no access to the password – it is set by you as a parent via the head account. All of this achieve maximal security.

Buying missing pieces

At BriXtar you can buy whole sets of LEGO® or individual bricks from contracted retailers. If you miss some bricks for a certain construction it is easy to buy them via BriXtar. Your child has on our community the possibility to prepare a wish list, but the actual buying process can’t be done from the Child account. Instead you as a parent will get a notification about the wish list and you can easily follow through the buying process from the head account.

Positive platform

We want to give some guiding tips along the way about how you can talk with your child about BriXtar. More information on this you’ll find under Terms and Conditions and we would like you to read them. In there, you’ll see that we want every user to feel welcome. It is important to us that all our users are experience this community in a positive manner. We expect every user to treat others with respect and we don’t except any negative talk about users or creations. If we see that a child is abusing the rules we will directly contact the respective parent/s via mail (the one used at registration). We may also close down an account if rules are not followed. When your child turns 13 years you can easily convert the Child account to a normal account.

We hope that we can create a great relation with you as a parent and we are always eager to hear your opinions. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or tips on how we can make BriXtar even better for your child.

Build to share, create to inspire.