We, the founders of BriXtar are dedicated parents with a passion for LEGO®. Our kids are now growing up with LEGO® and together we can combine the bricks from our childhood with the new innovative bricks released over the last decade.

We love to play with these wonderful bricks but to us there is more to the picture than just play. Our driving forces stem from the creative imagination we get from building with colourful plastic pieces.

Our dream started some years back when we saw how the pile of LEGO® we had gathered constantly grew: imagine the potential that existed in all these bricks, imagine everything that we could build?

There is no doubt that huge changes have taken place in the world of LEGO® since we were kids. With more variations of bricks the number of options to what we can build have increased. We see a new generation grasping this opportunity with their hands and minds.

Innovative humans can, with LEGO® as their toolbox, build the most awesome creations. What if we could create a community for people that share the same passion – regardless of gender and age.

What if we could create BriXtar!

The dream – awoken by a pile of bricks – is now a reality. Today we have many of the best builders in Sweden as active passionate users on our community. They share their innovative creations and building instructions with us all for free. Every day more LEGO® lovers jump on our train and the journey has just started!

We hope you feel welcome to our new social community.

The Scene is Yours!